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The Toronto Animal Services South Adopt-a-Thon at Dufferin Grove this past weekend was a huge success. I don't have the exact numbers but dozens of animals including hamsters, gerbils, cats and dogs found new homes.

Keva was adopted as was Keaton though Keaton is still with me for a day or two until his tummy gets sorted out (had a bit of the runs the last couple of days). I'll miss seeing him every day but I think Smitten might miss him more once she realizes he's gone. I'm very happy with his new family, though, especially since they're in the neighbourhood.

This little girl below, a Chug?, a Pughuahua? was also grabbed up. She's a precocious little whippersnapper who obviously charmed someone to bits. When I was walking her, we passed Rocky, a very big Doberman Pinscher, and without hesitation she stood up on her hind legs and started giving him kisses on his face. He returned the favour and she came away happy and with a very drenched head.

Thanks to everyone who put on the event and congrats to all the wonderful new pet owners.

For adoption information on this dog and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

6 Comments to “Toronto Animal Service Adopt-a-thon success”

  1. Laura HP says:

    The woman who adopted the pug mix came back on Sunday with her to say how well she fit into the family....that dog was so comfortable with her, it looked like they'd been together forever. They'd even taken her to Woofstock!

    Four dogs, two rabbits and eight hamsters were's just the cats we haven't finished processing. There were at least 15 but probably more. More importantly, our two longest-term cats were adopted! Nixie had been waiting almost a year, Nala had been waiting for 8 months, and some amazing person adopted them together.
    I think this event is going to lead to a lot of good things in the future...thanks for bringing Keaton on Saturday!

  2. rika says:

    Fantastic news. Well done you guys!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This little girl looks like a great dog for someone. Small, sure, but look at the bright eyes and the athletic build! If I wasn't at my legal limit, she'd be on a flight out now....

  4. Biscuit says:

    I'm so glad Nixie found a home!

  5. Laura HP says:

    Final count: 32 adoptions - 19 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits and 8 hamsters!
    Plus over $500 in donations!

  6. Anouk says:

    Hurray! Job well done and the animals win!

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