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Two very nice update letters from the new owners of Francis:

July 12, 2011

Hi All

Remember me, I just want to let you all know I'm very happy. You were all very good to me but it was time to move on, I didn't want to wear out my welcome.

I arrived to my forever home yesterday at around 2 pm. My new parents gave me a warm bath and they even had a special white towel with black doggies on it (talk about feeling special). Then my new Dad took me for a long walk. When I arrived back home Mom had a special meal for me lean beef and veggies over kibbles (yummie). Then they took me swimming, not sure if I liked it but it made them very happy. We then played fetch we all got very tired so we just crashed out by the pool for a nap. Then I had to go for another walk. I really think my Dad was trying to show me off but nobody was around. We then came home and watched TV. Dad was into the All Star game and Mom was watching the Bachelorette - boring.

I have two doggie beds one downstairs and one upstairs but being new I wanted to sleep with my Parents and that was Okay with them. Mom says I snore but so what ... so does she.

Morning came and we had breakfast and then off to the Vets. My new Doctor is Dr. Chris Martin and guess what she loves me too, she thinks I'm smart, cute, well behaved and sooooooooooooo precious. I think she is all that too.

Then we were off to get my licence. I'm now officially a Stoney Creek Resident. It's a lot quieter here but I'll get use to it.

Well I should go now I see my white towel out I guess that means I have to try this swimming thing again, anything to make them happy.

Don't worry about me anymore I know they love me soooo much and the feeling is mutual, I will be just fine.

My Mommy said I can keep in touch with all of you and you can come and see me if you are down this way, just bring your bathing suits because I'm sure they will try and put you into the pool also.

Thanks for finding me my forever home (I Love It) Please do your best for all my buddies I left behind.

Bye for now
Love you lots

September 8, 2011

It's just me Frankie. I know you might have forgotten about me, but I still think about all of you.

I have been so busy since arriving at my new home. It seems the summer just flew by. I've been up to Huntsville, Bracebridge, Niagara on the Lake and Perry Sound. Last weekend I went to a baseball tournament in Niagara Falls and then we even went to the United States of America just to shop. The customs lady thought I was so cute and said she could even take me home. Thank goodness she didn't.

My parents said this is nothing Frankie wait till you see Florida next year. Can't wait ...

We had a pool party too, and I met all my Mom and Dad's friends they all thought I was great. They were all very nice too.

I now can find my way out of the pool, my parents taught me how to climb up the stairs, still not to keen on swimming, but they insist that I go in with them.

One evening a little black and white creature came on my property. I wanted him to leave so I chased him. I smelled awful after that. I ran so fast and right into my Mom and Dad's bed. That didn't go over to good. I promised my parents that I wouldn't bother with that guy again. He better stay away so I won't get into any more trouble.

I hope you all are doing well, please don't worry about me. I'm having the time of my life. You couldn't have found me a better home. We are so happy together.

Love Frankie

3 Comments to “Update on Francis”

  1. Flossy says:

    So glad you are in such a fun home. Hope all your friends are able to find forever homes like this too. Keep those letters coming!!

  2. Hey Frankie, you hit the jackpot! Do your parents want to adopt me too?

  3. Congrats, Frankie, so glad to hear you're in such a lovely home! Keep those cards and letters coming!

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