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From Rebecca Aldworth, Executive Director of Humane Society International Canada:

Dear friends,

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to every person who has helped to care for the more than 600 deserving dogs and puppies we housed at our emergency shelter. As you know, these dogs were seized in September from inhumane conditions at the largest commercial breeding operation in Canada, and they were in desperate need of care.

Without the support of each and every one of you, we would not have been able to make this sheltering operation the success it was. You should feel incredibly proud of the difference that you have made in the lives of each of these dogs. They desperately needed your help to recover from the physical and emotional impacts of the place they came from, and you were there for them every step of the way. You gave them the warmth, affection, patience and loyalty that had been missing from their lives for so long.

When custody was awarded, we immediately began the adoption process, and I am thrilled to be able to tell you that all the dogs have either been placed into homes or are in the process of being adopted. Please note that with our emergency shelter closed, Malena will no longer be recruiting volunteers, and so this email account will now be closed. However, we will keep your details on file, and we may contact you again in the New Year should we be able to assist in another dog rescue.

This seizure represents a turning point in Quebec and sends a clear message to other breeders and puppy mills: this type of cruelty will never again be tolerated in this province. HSI/Canada is determined not to rest until every dog is free from operations that put profit above animal welfare.

You have been a hugely important part of our team for this rescue operation and it is my hope that we will work together again for many more rescue operations to come. Words cannot express the gratitude that I and our entire team feel for everything you have contributed to this operation. Running this shelter truly would have been impossible without you.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and from all of the HSI/Canada team. We wish you and your family a well deserved and happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!


Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director

Humane Society International/Canada

Now there still remains the question about whether or not the Labombards will be allowed or able to continue on with their business.

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A request

The reason for this blog is to help get specific dogs adopted from TAS but equally important is to try to normalize the idea of shelter dogs being just as good and just as desirable as any other dogs including those which are regularly merchandised by backyard breeders, puppy millers and those few remaining pet store owners who still feel a need to sell live animals. The single greatest stigma shelter animals still face is the belief that shelter animals are substandard animals. Anyone who has had enough experience with shelter animals knows this is untrue but the general public hasn't had the same experiences you've had. They see a nice dog photo in a glossy magazine and too many of them would never think of associating that dog with a dog from a shelter. After all, no one abandons perfectly good dogs, right? Unfortunately, as we all know, perfectly good dogs are abandoned all the time.

The public still too often associates shelter dogs with images of beat up, sick, dirty, severely traumatized animals and while we definitely sometimes see victims such as these, they are certainly not the majority and, regardless, even the most abused animals can very often be saved and made whole again.

Pound Dogs sometimes discusses the sad histories some of the dogs have suffered. For the most part, though, it tries to present the dogs not as victims but as great potential family members. The goal is to raise the profiles of animals in adoption centers so that a potential pet owner sees them as the best choice, not just as the charity choice.

So, here's the favour I'm asking. Whenever you see a dog picture on these pages you think is decent enough, I'd like you to consider sharing it on Facebook or any other social media sites you're using (I know many of you do this already and thank you for that). And when you share it, please mention that the dog in the photo is a shelter dog like so many other shelter dogs waiting for a home. If we can get even five percent of the pet buying public to see shelter dogs differently, to see how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are, and to consider shelter dogs as their first choice for a new family member, we can end the suffering of homeless pets in this country.