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This guy is the brother to yesterday's posted pound dog. Both these guys were adopted yesterday at the TAS South adopt-a-thon held at Pet Uno.

His new owner has named him Jasper and has already sent in a photo:

This is Jasper! We adopted him yesterday from TAS & couldn't be happier with him.

8 Comments to “Golden Retriever Husky mix pup 2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful and love the quick update!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful puppy! He's stunning with the one blue, one brown eye. I love his name as well. Kudos to TAS for getting the word out about adoptable animals. They do great work!

  3. Laura A. says:

    These two could be related to Junebug/Chanel! Bet they're super-soft.

  4. JasonBee says:

    Hello from the Jasper home. He's settling in well, is a real sweetie with the kids, and is taking to early training with gusto and aplomb. He's been out for about 15km of walks since Saturday so our weight-loss plan is in effect too. We'll post some updates as life progresses. I can't stress how well adjusted he is and lucky we are to have adopted from a great support team.

    I'll submit a better pic next time...he's already attracted a *lot* of positive attention from the dog park regulars (we don't go in yet...just passing by) but I have to say most of the pups here are head turners as well.

    We did a little research and there is a name for this mix of breeds - Goberian.

    Thanks again to everyone we've worked with at TAS.

  5. Fred says:

    Thanks for the update, Jason! Goberian? Learnin' something new every day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    you are an amazing person and jasper is so beautiful

  7. We have a quick 2016 update on Jasper!

    He's continued to not only be a great companion, but one of the most popular dogs in the area when we walk him (he's easily the Brad Pitt of the Dog Park). I constantly get asked what breed he is, and he's grown to have one of the sweetest temperaments I've seen in an animal. He's a great mix of naughty and gracious. People love him, and he's gentle with other pets smaller than him, and tough enough on the bully dogs to keep them respectful of our space.

    Here's a pic my wife got of him last month with Santa at the THS Santa event. Santa was laughing under the beard.

  8. Fred says:

    That's a great photo of Jasper with Santa. He's grown into a very handsome dog and looks very happy indeed (got some good Christmas presents?). Thanks for the update.

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