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This fun loving people dog just wants to play play play but hasn't realized yet that he's got to learn a few rules as well. Someone willing to put a bit of time into training this guy will get an eager and loyal companion for life.

For adoption information on this dog and other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

5 Comments to “Karl - Doberman mix”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your photographs are just beautiful, I hope ALL the pound dogs are given a chance to shine through your lens and not just the picture posted on the adoption website.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You give us the stars and the moon with these gorgeous photographs, can I ask for the world as well? What are the chances for updates on these dogs? Now that I have become attached to them on your blog I would love to know where they end up - especially the 'unamed' dogs like the poodle, doberman, german shepherd and husky (these one especially touch the heart, not even having a name). I occasionally see an update, does it all depend on whether the new owner sends you this - is it as random as that? When I see all that you write and do (as well as holding down a job and caring for a family!) I know it is a lot to wish for...but I still do! Don't blame me for asking, you got me hooked with these photos!!

  3. Fred says:

    Hi Anon, unfortunately it does depend on the new owners sending in info and photos in order for me to provide updates of any interest. With regards to the general outcome of the dogs posted here on the blog, the vast majority of them - as in 99.9% or something like that - get adopted. The only time a dog doesn't make it out of adoption, that I've seen, is if it health and behaviour deteriorate for some reason to the point where it is suffering and a good outcome is unlikely. I've posted on those rare occurrences as well and it's sad for everyone involved but I can't say it never happens.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It's too bad there isn't a profile for 'Pesky Fan with too much time on their hands' - one last question. Do you meet the adopters or do they see your pictures online - or do they just go by the TAS website to find their future pet (or a bit of both) ? If I hadn't read the article in the Star about you, HOW DO PEOPLE DISCOVER YOUR BLOG, is it advertised at TAS? Is it just kismet if you happen to be there while someone is adopting, hence the update from the owner? I think if more people saw your pictures there would be a real swell of interest although 99.9% adoption rate isn't bad!!! I don't live in Toronto so I don't know how these things work! Thanks!

  5. Fred says:

    Hi Anon, some people know about this blog because of a previous blog I did called One Bark at a Time. Other people might know about it through their friends or other online links from other websites. I guess the rest just get here via Google. This blog isn't advertised at TAS or on any TAS website as this blog isn't anything official. The adoption rate I mentioned is just for the dogs shown on the blog. There are, unfortunately, many dogs, who for various health, behavioural or legal reasons (re:Ontario's anti-pitbull law), don't make it into adoption.

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A request

The reason for this blog is to help get specific dogs adopted from TAS but equally important is to try to normalize the idea of shelter dogs being just as good and just as desirable as any other dogs including those which are regularly merchandised by backyard breeders, puppy millers and those few remaining pet store owners who still feel a need to sell live animals. The single greatest stigma shelter animals still face is the belief that shelter animals are substandard animals. Anyone who has had enough experience with shelter animals knows this is untrue but the general public hasn't had the same experiences you've had. They see a nice dog photo in a glossy magazine and too many of them would never think of associating that dog with a dog from a shelter. After all, no one abandons perfectly good dogs, right? Unfortunately, as we all know, perfectly good dogs are abandoned all the time.

The public still too often associates shelter dogs with images of beat up, sick, dirty, severely traumatized animals and while we definitely sometimes see victims such as these, they are certainly not the majority and, regardless, even the most abused animals can very often be saved and made whole again.

Pound Dogs sometimes discusses the sad histories some of the dogs have suffered. For the most part, though, it tries to present the dogs not as victims but as great potential family members. The goal is to raise the profiles of animals in adoption centers so that a potential pet owner sees them as the best choice, not just as the charity choice.

So, here's the favour I'm asking. Whenever you see a dog picture on these pages you think is decent enough, I'd like you to consider sharing it on Facebook or any other social media sites you're using (I know many of you do this already and thank you for that). And when you share it, please mention that the dog in the photo is a shelter dog like so many other shelter dogs waiting for a home. If we can get even five percent of the pet buying public to see shelter dogs differently, to see how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are, and to consider shelter dogs as their first choice for a new family member, we can end the suffering of homeless pets in this country.