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So anyway yesterday there were these guys at the table beside mine in the diner taking a break from talking about football to talking about their girlfriends and wives when one guy starts up with how his most recent girlfriend spends like two hours every day on her hair and he's fed up with it because he's only got the one bathroom in his condo and he always ends up late for work and he's thinking about dumping his girlfriend and one guy asks him, So why don't you?, and the girlfriend guy says, Well cuz I really like her hair.

What's that got to do with dogs? Not much but the conversation came back to me as I was picking photos for this Gordon Setter. I find Setters always have such nice long wavy hair around their ears.

This lovely girl, with her black coat, was having a hard time in the heat outside but she was patient enough with me and my camera. Friendly dog with a best buddy personality. And you won't have to share your bathroom with her.

You can find Cher's adoption profile here.

For adoption information on other dogs (and cats and other animals), please visit Toronto Animal Services.

10 Comments to “Cher - Gordon Setter mix”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Am I wrong or does this poor dog look like she's been starved?
    I wish my husband would let me get another dog, because I'd snatch her up!!!
    What an adorable face.
    Good luck finding her a home.

  2. GoLightly says:

    OH, she's gorgeous, good luck to her. Fred, can you recommend a cat shelter? Leave a message in my (sorry, moderated) comments? I have a cat needing a great home. Like they all do. Like they all deserve.

    How that sweet face was lost/discarded is beyond incomprehensible to me.

  3. blogdog says:

    She's not a Gordon Setter. Some setter x Border Collie or Springer x Border Collie, maybe.

  4. Fred says:

    Anon, she is a bit skinny.

  5. NK says:

    Has Cher been adopted, I don't see her on TAS

  6. Fred says:

    Yes, she was adopted a couple of weeks ago. Hope we get an update on her.

  7. NK says:

    How can we check (other than laboriously bugging you!) to see which dogs have been adopted? Is there a list anywhere?

  8. Fred says:

    The most reliable way to find out if a dog has been adopted is to check with TAS. The vast majority of the time, if a dog is placed on the adoption page and then taken off, it's because it's been adopted.

  9. Stephanie Tonietto says:

    Hey Fred,

    I adopted Cher (now Cheryl) a couple months back from TAS. She is doing so well!

    There have been a couple of tough moments of adapting to a new adult dog in the house. We will still sometimes come home to a surprise mess of packaging and crumbs that she has left on her pillow, after reaching new heights in the kitchen. However, the tough moments are always overpowered by the amazement we feel at how GOOD Cheryl is. All she wants is to be around people, to lie on your feet, to have a nice face scratch after a walk, or to sit with her head on the coffee table while everyone plays a board game.

    I wish I could think of something more profound to express my love for this gal. I’m at a loss, though. We have a simple life. A couple of walks a day. Quiet time in the living room. A very excited reunion when Bram or I come home from work. If she wants to play, she will pull her toys out of basket one by one and place them on our laps until they have all had a turn. When she’s done playing, she will lie next to us on the couch, or even crawl right into our laps.

    Cheryl is a perfect match for our house. I am so thankful that we saw her when we did.

    Thanks for everything you’re doing for the dogs at TAS. It was so nice to read this post. We now think of these as her ‘puppy pictures’.


  10. Fred says:

    Thanks for the update Stephanie. Sounds like Cheryl is one happy and lucky girl. If you ever feel like sending in photos, I'll post them up.

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