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I made some calendars. Hit that full screen mode button to the left of the shopping cart to get a better look.

I know it's called Pound Dogs but there are some cats in there. Just think of them as honorary dogs. I could have called it Pound Dogs and Cats but that doesn't roll. And the font size would be all off on the front cover. Next year, when I become a better person, maybe I'll think of a better name or maybe I'll put out two different calendars. But then all the bunnies, birds, and snakes will be left out. See how complicated this gets?

The calendars cost $20.00. About $15 of each calendar sold goes to the calendar company and I'll send the rest off to TAS. So, basically, every calendar sold means $5.00 goes directly to rescuing animals.

I've bought one for my mom so they've already made five bucks.

If you want to receive the calendar before Christmas, you'll have to check the company's order-by-dates to ensure timely delivery.

You can purchase them directly through the above link (hit the shopping cart).

10 Comments to “Pound Dogs Calendar 2012”

  1. It makes me wish there were more months in the year: how do we order?

  2. Ignore the last part of the comment -- I stumbled on the mouseover. Might want to explain that to people like me -- clueless.

  3. mel says:

    GAH! April + September <3 I must order one! Amazing job, Fred.

    Btw, I think you should keep the name, even if there happens to be a turtle in the 2013 calendar.

  4. Gina says:

    Funny-a few days ago, as I looked at your cat (wonderful) photos -especially the ones where they roamed the desks-I thought this :"These could be note cards." ...I would buy them/bet others would too , your photos are always so expressive, they could be a money maker for TAS... But I never made the comment because I know the work involved. This is a great idea, the photos are perfect(love Sept. ) and you could go with the less than perfect "pound pets" (sounds awful?) next year. Or, go really high concept and intersperse next years calendar with images of this years pets, happily in their new homes with their family. I am mulling over the gift idea as it is the perfect thing for all those friends and family who got their beloved dogs or cats from pounds and have had their lives filled with love ever since!

  5. Biscuit says:

    Wah, Chanel is December!

  6. NK says:

    This is awesome news! And I laughed out loud at some of the dog's expressions! I I love the name Pounddogs, reminds me of Elvis! More dogs though (no cats! they should get their own calendar, made by some equally besotted cat owner).

    I will definitely be purchasing one (via another person since my husband doesn't believe in buying on-line!)

  7. Oh my, I need one if only for September's picture! Hahahahahaha!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Fred, wonderful.
    Is there a way to buy without having to give all this info to a (I assume) Quebec company? I"m not stumbling over the french, but want a company that shows me the key security firts! and then just wants mailing address, credit card etc., not email, password, personal questions.
    also, using more secure work address, site bounced me back from checkout anyway. help.
    Are your fans getting through?
    a devoted reader.

  9. Fred says:

    Hi Anon, if you're landing on a French site, you may have ended up at the wrong place somehow. Lulu, is American, I believe, and everything I've seen has been in English. When you click the shopping cart, it should take you to an order page where you can specify the number of copies you want. Proceeding from there, they request your delivery address and payment method and so on. No one else has mentioned anything difficulties (yet). Hope that helps.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Crumpet made it! I wanted to adopt Crumpet! Such a gorgeous idea and such gorgeous photos!

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